The Cost of Confidentiality in Cloud Storage

I finished my master’s thesis in June, 2018. You can read the thesis here.

A roll cloud associated with a severe thunderstorm over Racine, Wisconsin, United States


During the christmas holidays 2016/2017 I created a React-based math quiz with the purpose of learning about React and JavaScript and maybe also refresh my math skills. The source code is available here.

Math studies by the laptop


Knekt was developed by a group of students, me included, at Linköping University as our Bachelor’s project during the spring of 2016. Knekt is an interactive web application intended to be used as an aid for teaching historical encryption methods and their weaknesses. If you wish to do some crypto cracking, feel free to try out Knekt. The project’s report can be found here.

Motorbiker zooming down the road

Django Blog

I once managed to make a blog using the Django framework. You can check it out here. If you want to make a Django blog yourself, check out Django Girls.

A cozy dog

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